Thinking Behind The Boring Company


Elon Musk is one of the great thinkers of our time. He has changed how we deal and think about humankind’s problems, with his proven track record ranging from Fin-tech to Space travel. The Boring Company is among many of his inspiring work and this article is to summarize how he has abstracted the problem and suggested a solution in my point of view.

The Boring Company, the FAQ section of the website is informative enough to understand what it does. It builds an underground network of tunnels to travel. The solutions seems obvious, but what’s the problem? and why tunnels?

Traveling within cities or entering into a city from suburbs is bit of a hassle mainly due to traffic congestion. If we look at our city architectures, we have multi-storey buildings. We all arrive into cities from a single level road and work in buildings which have multiple levels. How do we expect to have minimal if not no traffic congestion at all when our transportation medium is expected to support 100x of it’s capable capacity.

The solution should be a transport system that spans across many levels. As FAQ describes, tunnels doesn’t get affected by weather and won’t fall down like flying cars. Therefore a multilevel tunnels can be the solution.

When we are finding a solution, or thinking about a new product idea, the inspiration we can get from this is narrowing down the problem to it’s root. Get the ground truth of the problem and solve it.

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